Kawakawa & Arnica Balm

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A premium warming & soothing herbal formula that is indicated for wherever there is pain, inflammation or trauma to muscles and joints.

The two stars of the blend that work incredibly well together are
Wild-harvested Kawakawa & NZ Grown Arnica that both have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. These are then blended with Wild & Hand harvested NZ Horopito & NZ Tutu with Cayenne. Together these herbs provide a broad range of properties to help amplify and complement the Kawakawa & Arnica.

The herbs are supported with the analgesic qualities of
Peppermint & Clove Essential oils and the NZ First Light essence remedy for Trauma Akeake. Together these ingredients create a powerful combination to effectively soothe inflammatory or painful conditions involving muscles & joints.

All formulated in a nourishing & moisturising 100% natural base.
Available in 40gm & 80gm sizes.
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