Grass-Fed Ghee 500 mL, 100% Natural New Zealand made, Keto Paleo Friendly Superfood by MILKIO

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Why New Zealand grass-fed ghee?

  • 100% New Zealand-certified ghee is from a safe place.
  • Finest pasture-raised NZ cow milk butter is used.
  • Deep dairy expertise settles Grass fed nutrition
  • GMO-free pledge from pure New Zealand

Why Milkio?

  • Milkio is from New Zealand a clean dairy expert country.
  • We assure best ghee clarified butter following global norms.
  • We promise 100% traceability of our ghee ingredients: you know what you’re having in your diet
  • All-natural, healthy: Our ghee is Lactose, casein-free.
  • Milkio grass-fed ghee butter offers Rich flavor, high smoke point- added safety for cooking with glee.

Why grass-fed butter clarified ghee?

  • Ghee is a milk product with all the milk benefits but without the risk of milk allergy.
  • Milkio New Zealand-made Grass-Fed butter ghee oil is a versatile dairy.
  • You can use it as a butter alternative & as a safe liquid ghee oil for its high smoke point.
  • Grassfed pure ghee from Milkio offers nutrition of CLA, butyrate, Omega fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, which aids in wellness benefits including immunity boost.

How to use MILKIO grass-fed butter keto-friendly clarified ghee?

Use Anytime: It stays up to 18 months at room temperature if stored in a dark & non-humid place without Freezing support.
Use with Any Recipe: Instead of using butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc., use Milkio grass-fed ghee butter clarified.

Ingredients and Storage:

  • Clarified Butter (Cow's Milk Fat).
  • It is delivered to you in specially designed BPA Free Jars to preserve freshness.
  • Use Grass-fed cow ghee butter from grass-fed cows, Halal, Kosher certified.
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