Manuka Honey Mg350+ 250g

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A natural infection and virus fighter! BUILD YOUR IMMUNITY to Keep those nasty cold & flu symptoms away during these colder months. Mānuka Honey is crazed for its antibacterial qualities which can only be made by our honey bees during the hot Summer months. 

MĀNUKA: A Native plant which flowers for 6 weeks of the year during Summer. It's distinctive spicy taste distinguishes its pure goodness. This honey has anti fungal antibacterial properties which helps natural healing inside your body and out.

This particular batch of honey is from Te Araroa, and was harvested from Māori Owned Land.  

Each batch of Mānuka Honey is Laboratory Tested for Levels of Methylglyoxal (MG). This number indicates its strength, which gives us a rating to measure by.  

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