Snuffle Ball - Bumble Bee

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The snuffle puzzle ball is a fantastic enrichment toy that is handcrafted from high-quality fleece fabric.

The pattern is just like a bumblebee; bright yellow and black, but we've also added a few dashes of white. 

Sprinkle pet food (dry kibble or treats) into the soft folds or pockets of the fleece ball.

Your pet will instinctively start sniffling and snuffling through the fleece folds until they find their tasty reward.


  • Easily travels with your dog
  • Boredom busting play activity
  • Mentally stimulating and tiring
  • Slows down fast eaters
  • Encourages unenthusiastic eaters
  • Provides stimulation for older dogs
  • During wet weather, the snuffle mat helps use mental energy tiring your pet out.
  • Helpful to calm down dogs
  • Ideal for pets on restricted exercise who are recovering from injury or surgery
  • Very easy to clean


Medium – approx. 14 cm diameter – suitable for cats, small and medium dogs

Large – approx. 22 cm diameter – suitable for large dogs

What type of treats to use?

We recommend using hard treats such as kibble, or training treats. This means that the snuffle ball should not need to be washed as frequently as it would if you use soft treats such as meat, fruit, and vegetables.

How to use a Snuffle Ball?

Shake the snuffle ball to loosen up the fleece folds.

Sprinkle a handful of your pet’s favourite kibble or treats throughout the snuffle ball, to start with sprinkling them near the top of the ball, as your dog becomes more familiar with the mat, bury the treats deeper into the folds of the fleece.

Varying the treats will keep your pampered pet happily sniffling, snuffling, and searching their mat for many sessions.

Some pets will happily share their food with other dogs they live with, but generally, if you have multiple pets you may want to consider separate snuffle balls.

After each use, shake out the snuffle ball to ensure there is no food left behind.

We recommend storing the snuffle ball after use, it is not designed to be used as a chew toy.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash on cold cycle

Air dry 

Disclaimer: As with any pet toy, your pet should always be supervised and never left unattended when using their Snuffle Ball.  After use, remove the ball to keep your pet from using it as a chew toy. Do not use if any part becomes loose or damaged.

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