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The snuffle mat is a fantastic enrichment toy that is handcrafted from high-quality anti-pill fleece fabric woven into a durable rubber mat.

Each of our snuffle mats is created with great care and attention to detail for your pet.

These mats provide mental stimulation for your dog and are also suitable for older pets who are less mobile. Even pets who have lost their eyesight enjoy enthusiastically sniffling and snuffling for their treats.

Some pet owners feed their pets every meal in a snuffle mat.

Another bonus is that snuffle mats help make your treats go further as it takes your pup time and effort to find each treat.

Sprinkle a handful of your pet’s favourite kibble or treats throughout the snuffle ball, to start with sprinkling them near the top of the ball, as your dog becomes more familiar with the mat, bury the treats deeper into the folds of the fleece.

Varying the treats will keep your pampered pet happily sniffling, snuffling, and searching their mat for many sessions.

Some pets will happily share their food with other dogs they live with, but generally, if you have multiple pets you may want to consider separate snuffle mats

After each use, shake out the snuffle mat to ensure there is no food left behind.

We recommend storing the snuffle mat after use, it is not designed to be used as a chew toy.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash on cold cycle

Air dry 

Disclaimer: As with any pet toy, your pet should always be supervised and never left unattended when using their Snuffle Mat..  After use, remove the ball to keep your pet from using it as a chew toy. Do not use if any part becomes loose or damaged.

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