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#184 Honey

#184 Honey

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#184 - Forage Range: Apple Blossom, Clover, Buttercup & Blackberry. Waiatai Orchard Apiary.

Weight: 500gm


At Single Hive Honey we harvest our honey one jar at a time.By doing this each batch is completely unique in colour and flavour. Each and every hove of bees, forage the nectar of flowers they prefer and take home to their hive. At the end of the season each is extracted and kept separate from every other hove, keeping each batch completely bee blended. One single hive of honey contains anywhere between 20 - 100, 500g jars. Because we extract singular hives depending on nectar source and location, the yields from each hive vary dramatically. Therefore some batches have very limited quantities. So if you like a particular flavour  grab a couple of extras. We can never guarantee the same taste from the same hive year after year, so bee in quick!

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