Hemp Seed Oil 500ml (Twin Pack)

Hemp Seed Oil 500ml (Twin Pack)

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Save money with our amazing offer for a Hemp Seed Oil 500ml Twin Pack.

Cocavo “Golden” Hemp Seed Oil is natural, cold pressed & unrefined  in a way that maintains the nutritional properties and quality of nature’s most unsaturated oil. Pressed form the heart of the hemp seed, our Hemp Seed Oil is a lovely golden colour and a delicious mildly nutty flavour.
Golden Hemp Seed Oil is unlike other hemp seed oils that have a greenish tinge and bitter taste mainly due to the chlorophyll in the hard outer shell of the seed.

This delicate oil, with a flavourful nutty taste, can be used in a wide range of recipes such as sauces, dips, spreads, marinades and salad dressings. It may also be added to protein shakes and smoothies.

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