Lazu Manuka Infused Espresso Coffee

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Our  artisan Lazu Manuka Infused Coffee is a blend of strong coffee beans and New Zealand Manuka honey. The marriage of our specialty craft coffee and the famed NZ Manuka honey creates divinity in a bottle.

Loved by coffee enthusiasts, our Lazu Manuka coffee is a liquid espresso shot for a high quality instant espresso hit. The infusion of Manuka Honey smooths the taste whilst still allowing it to deliver the kick you need to boost your energy. Whether you need a hit of energy for a sports game or some mental stimulation for work or study, you’ll love Lazu Coffee.

Our coffee Crafter signs each bottle of as a sign quality.

Lazu Manuka Infused Coffee features:

  • Delicious as a hot or cold coffee drink
  • Add to your cocktails. Great paired with vodka (the healthy caffeine shot)!!
  • Used in cooking and desserts to add a rich coffee flavour
  • Comes in a small glass bottle that’s easy to keep in your bag at all times for an instant coffee shot on the go. Simply add hot or cold water and enjoy
  • Each bottle contains a full 200mls and can deliver between 8 and 12 coffees depending on how strong you like it


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