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Experience honey in it’s most pristine, raw form, straight from the hive. Every cell in this comb honey is filled with a rich native bush blend honey, New Zealand’s natural sweetness.

This season, our bees filled the comb with mainly southern rata honey. Rata honey is light in colour, with a sweet delicate flavour and smooth silky texture. A genuine quality unprocessed comb honey, harvested directly from the hive.

The eye-catching, handmade wooden frame makes a boutique, artisan addition to any party or breakfast buffet. Comb honey tastes great with cheeses, bread and crackers, or with yoghurt and desserts..

And yes! You can eat the wax. The delicate, soft wax is totally edible.

A lovely and unique gift for weddings, special occasions or business clientele.

We use environmentally responsible packaging and have minimised the packaging material as much as possible. The wood of the frames is sustainably harvested. The box is made from recycled cardboard and the frame is sealed in thin cellophane.

We are truly fascinated by the life of bees! It’s amazing to see how the bees build and fill the comb with honey.

For us, trying some of the fresh honeycomb from the hive is the best thing of beekeeping. It’s a true gift of nature.

With our PureComb mini frames we like to offer you the experience of tasting honey just as the bees made it, unprocessed and untouched from the hive.


Product Weight: 500g
Product Dimensions:  box size 185mm x 210mm x 45mm

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