Seller Services (coming soon)

In alignment with our mission we will be offering a range of further services to sellers to improve and aid in all aspects of business.
  • Marketing Services (eg. SEO, Design, Promotions, Advertising, Photography / Videography)
  • Financial Services (eg. Accounting and Tax advice, Crowdfunding, Direct investment)
  • Legal Services (e.g Copyrights, Trademarks, Product policies)
  • Consulting Services (Business advice)
  • Freight / Shipping services - the madeinNZ development team are currently working on a shipping platform that can be used by sellers to sell and ship their goods all within the madeinNZ platform, with access to affordable shipping rates and a variety of options.

The ultimate goal is to offer a suite of NZ based services from exclusively NZ based businesses and individuals that allow our sellers to purely focus on producing their products while the madeinNZ platform handles the rest, from design and marketing through to fulfilment and shipping.

If you would like to apply to provide a service for our sellers, apply using the form here. You are welcome to share this link with anyone you know with skills that they would like to use to generate more income.

Please note you may be an existing madeinNZ seller, you are more than welcome to apply if you believe you have skills that will be useful for the madeinNZ network and can gain you more profit.