GilsoFlex 10 litre - Roof Sealer and Paint

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GilsoFlex ™ is a New Zealand manufactured dense black Bituminous/Gilsonite co-polymer, solvent / water emulsion based sealer and paint developed primarily for New Zealand outdoor conditions.
GilsoFlex ™ is ideally suited for sealing and painting of exposed metal roofs, cement tile roofs and steel structures. It is compatible and suitable to be used on Decramastic and Butynol roofs.
GilsoFlex ™ can also be used to seal and water proof timber, ply wood, brick and block work, under carpet concrete floors, Vehicle undercarriage protection etc.

Because of its disinfecting effect, it will retard the growth of moss or lichen.
Substrate surface preparation requirements are minimal as GilsoFlex ™ can be painted straight over minor surface rust.

Roof requires one coat only and 10 Litres will cover approximately 30 to 80 Square Meters, depending on roof surface thus one (1) Litre will cover approximately 3 to 8 Square Meters.

GilsoFlex ™ is intended primarily for surface application by brushing or airless spraying.

A re-coat might be required after 6 to 8 years.

The colour is a deep mat black when fully cured. Once fully cured it can be painted over to change the colour to your choice if required.


  • GilsoFlex ™ is a Bitumen/Gilsonite sealer and paint combined in one product without the need for a primer undercoat.
  • GilsoFlex ™ is a flexible coating and will not break down due to distortion and movement, caused by weather exposure
  • GilsoFlex ™ is non-corrosive to metals and can be painted directly over bare steel, galvanised, powder coated, minor surface rust or previously painted steel, with minimum surface preparation requirements.
  • GilsoFlex ™ is suitable on metal and concrete tile roofs. It can also be used to seal concrete brick and block work, plywood and other timber.
  • Can be used on other structures to seal or paint the surface
  • Drinking water collected from roofs coated with GilsoFlex ™ is safe to consume
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