The Original Laundry Belt

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The Original Laundry Belt is just that.  A simple belt that connects to most laundry baskets that are available for sale in New Zealand and has a detachable pouch to hold pegs.

The adjustable strap fits most waistlines and has a padded back support to make it feel more comfortable once laundry is inside the basket.  This creates a perfect working environment where the user can have their hands free to hangout washing without bending at all.

Washing is loaded straight from the machine into the basket that is already attached to the waist and hung straight from there.  Basket is carried by hands while taking it to the line and from there  your hands are free to sort the washing. The user can then select pegs, adjust the line, create a very easy and quick motion to hang out the washing.

Bringing in the washing is even more easier as by sitting the basket directly underneath the item, you can just remove the pegs and the items drop straight into the basket.  Very quick and easy when it starts raining compared to any of the other methods on the market.  

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